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they should have discuss about their personal loans before marriage. mutual understanding is very important in any kind of relationship


I have nothing against undertakers personally. It's just that I wouldn't want one to bury my sister.


It's ironic really.

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Great Information... Please post more... Thank you

laws about divorce

hello, that's the problem they both have knowledge in laws about divorce, just don't hate your job there are so many couples there that needs your legal advice ;)


It's so hard to build up the inertia to get up and get out there again. Understanding the laws on divorce should be given an importance.

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Good Work----
but i ask you Really what are the main reasons for a divorce?
how is more responsible about this condition????

great site on laws about divorce

Nice post. There are many reasons for a divorce. To make relationships last, couples also need to share the same goals and same plans. Spouses need to reconcile differences in goals and opinions in order to stay strong and have a fruitful future ahead. When differences become irreconcilable, couples seek a divorce. There may be some issues that couples find difficult to settle, including having and raising children, career goals, in-law issues, different expectations regarding household responsibilities, as well as religious beliefs.

Michael C. Craven

Thank you for sharing this information.
I found it very interesting as a Chicago divorce lawyer.
Michael C. Craven
Chicago divorce lawyer

Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Great article And Thank you for sharing this information.. There are many reasons for a divorce. To make relationships last, couples also need to share the same goals and same plans.
Virginia Divorce Lawyer

Family Law

For some reason I found this post quite funny---divorce lawyers trying to divorce themselves. I bet it is going to be a one, interesting trial!

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wonderfull site would recomend it to lawyers and to the ones who arent and just keep up with current events.these days any form of practising freedom of speech should be looked upon as priceless

Gail Holst

Wonderful post..I like reading about this..Thanks for sharing about this.

Account Deleted

It's really nice post. According to me there is such a difference in the way the man and the woman are being treated here.

Divorce Lawyer

This is funny but sad. There are an awful lot of lawyers who hate practicing law.

Account Deleted

Its such a good post and useful information. Thank you. Keep sharing.

Evelyn Paterson

Your blog is very interesting that is why I really appreciated your post because I’ve enjoyed reading it. . It has a plenty of information about marriage. Thank you for the information and keep it up .

Chad Wuertz

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divorce, it is a big sin because when you have an affair be sure it would be last long.when you married to someone be sure to your self that he is with for ever and ever,till death do as part...

Further more i am much related to

Anthony M. Wright

Many Las Vegas divorce lawyers get divorced for some reason. I would think that would be bringing work home. Not god.

Laab Co UK

While I really did like the article I am always baffled by the lack of honour amongst people today.

Is it irony or something else that forces two marriage solicitors to end up in such a matrimonial dispute.

Do you think that if they were not legally educated in matrimonial law and did not know that there was a possibility that one could pay student loans for the other, they would just separate and each pay their own way?

I would rather pay for my loans without forcing anyone else to pay for me as form of backlash just because we are getting separated. They were fully aware of the good and bad things that marriage brings. Did they suddenly realise it?

Define irony.

Thanks for the article.

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Why get married in the first place? Seriously it's a dying fad these days because people are realizing that more and more end up in divorces

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That is what I will call ironic. However I can't wait to see who will win at the end.

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Divorce Lawyer

Even Lawyers are not exempted for having reasons to file for divorce. Whew.

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