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It seems inevitable that a lawsuit like this will be coming to our shores sooner or later. It should be interesting to see what happens. If it exposes the hypocrisy of this "separate but equal" system we've got now, maybe it will help the cause of marriage equality, and ultimately be for the best.

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Straight couples should be given the same rights as same sex couples. Same sex couples campaign for same legal rights as hetro couples yet now in the UK they have more rights. Crazy situation.


No, I don't think gay couples should be the only ones who can be granted civil unions, and I don't think that heterosexual couples should be the only ones allowed to enter into marriages. As it says in your post, marriage and civil unions provide most of the same benefits, so if they are so similar why should it matter if the couple is straight or gay? COuples should be able to choose whichever they are more comfortable with. Also, with the divorce rate being what it is, you have to question just how seriously most straight couples view the institution of marriage (this is not to say that all divorces occur based on trivial or avoidable circumstances). My point is that there are so many gay couples who believe in the institution of marriage strongly enough to fight for the laws to be changed, and it seems like a no brainer that they should be granted this right! Same with the couple you discuss in your article!

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This issue of gay marriage I think that from a legal point of view should not be provided, although cohabitation is their right. They can live together, but not necessarily marriage.

Michael C. Craven

Isn't our world changing! When did we ever think this would be an issue!!
Michael C. Craven
Chicago Divorce lawyer


It's okay to engage civil union. At least it has legality in courts and in front of the presiding judge. It's also a form of commitment.

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I think that from a legal point of view should not be provided, although cohabitation is their right. They can live together, but not necessarily marriage.

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Whether straight or gay, we all deserve equal rights. Great post, enjoyed reading.

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Being refused their simple rights because they are not a same-sex couple is unfortunate. Things may change over time though.

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Really, it seems like in the eyes of the government, everyone should have only civil unions. Leave marriage to the church if the big picture is religion.

In the end, whether gay or straight couples are allowed to be married or enter civil unions doesn't effect anyone other than those being denied that right.

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Law makers need to create a simpler form of marriage for couples who want to commit but who do not want to lock into a traditional marriage - civil union might be the answer.

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This seems like it is a publicity stunt.

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Will Beaumont

I think the question is: why is government even involved in deciding who gets married? We have lots of co-ownership laws, child support laws, etc.


Your last sentence to the qtiuseon should seal the deal.Divorce the man.A lot of factors play into this save the marriage' speech.He cheated on you for 2 years and did you find this out just recently? Let's say he wants to save the marriage. Is it worth the mental torture to wonder where he's at, what he's doing, is he really where he says he is, is he really working late, is he at her house? Believe me you may want to save this marriage as well but the after effects of infidelity lingers on. Once trust is broken, it is near to impossible to fix.Let's say he's legit about wanting to stop this affair and work on the marriage. You want proof that the affair has ended, so you call the other woman. What if she lies and says she still sees him? Some women are like that. They are scandolous that way. Who do you believe?He did this to you for 2 years. I suggest you pick up what dignity he has left you (if any) and gather up your self respect and get out of this marriage. You deserve better than what he is giving you. Hold your head up high and know that he lost a good thing.DON'T WASTE ANYMORE OF YOUR LIFE!


You allready know the ansewr to your question. If you don't trust him which in my opinon you shouldn't if you try to save your marriage it will be for all the wrong reasons and you will resent him, Once the trust is gone you honestly can't ever get it back especially the way it once was.Just remember to be careful, I know you've known your EX for a long time yet leaving a relationship to jump right into another one is tricky. If you decide to go back to your EX Take some time for yourself first, A short breather starting a new relationship. It's always a good thing to do.Good Luck with whatever you decide.

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Couples should be given a choice because for sure, they are the ones who really know what's best for them.

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You need to make a conscious dsiceion as to how you deal with the pain of your divorce. You need to realize that how you react to what is happening in your life will have an effect on the people around you including and especially your children.

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