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Like others this is also damn interesting…

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That's really nice that you're doing that. I'm sure there is a lot of people out there who would like a Will but aren't sure how to go about getting one drawn up.


Does anyone know if the last will is going to be legal if it's signed without witnesses? I don't have anyone I would want to be a witness. Any friends I have are losers (sorry) and I don't want them to know how much money I have.

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This is a good book with lots of good exercise and interval training suggestions but which are probably more suited to women who are already athletic and/or seeking a muscular type body. I know that the trainer types like to promote the concept that women need to build muscle mass or bulk up in order to lose weight and be fit but I don't really buy into that concept. There are plenty of slim, toned and gorgeous women out there who don't in the least bit resemble body builders. I also disagree with interval training being the most expeditious route to fat loss. As an alternative to the body building approach I'd suggest taking a look at "Size 2 for Life" or "The Eat-Clean Diet" series.

Another concern of mine is that some of the hormonal stuff, etc seems a bit unsubstantiated. Overall though, with the variety of exercise routines in the book, probably worthwhile having around, especially if you're looking for that muscular appearance.


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ALWAYS HAVE A DREAM Forget about the days when it's been cloudy, But don't forget your hours in the sun. Forget about the times you've been defeated, But don't forget the victories you've won. Forget about the misfortunes you've encountered, But don't forget the times your luck has turned. Forget about the days when you've been lonely, But don't forget the friendly smiles you've seen. Forget about the plans that didn't seem to work out right, But don't forget to always have a dream.


The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good. In this I learned a lot! Thank you!

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Very good post with useful information. I really appreciate the fact that you approach these topics from a stand point of knowledge and information. Please keep on posting.


1) Do we need a lawyer for a peuafecl divorce? She raised the issue of splitting the attorney fee and I was not sure about it that sounds like going to court or something You need your own lawyer, it is not a good idea to use the same one, there is a conflict of interest there. (2) Which state should we file our divorce? Which state will treat me at least a little bit fair? Your divorce should be filed in the state you were married in In California just to file for divorce in New York it will cost you at least $3,000.00 that is just to FILE, that doesn't include attys' fees or court costs. (3) What are the procedures and precautions I should be aware of and pay attention to? Again by having your own lawyer all of this will be taken care of


When I got divorced all we did was go to a lwyaer and have the papers drawn up. We stated what the other wanted in the papers and the lwyaer sent them to the judge. It took about 90 days for him to sign the papers and the divorce was final. It cost us $600 for lwyaers fees and court costs. Which we both paid for.

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