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what if you aren't married but together for 14yr then split up,I had no choice but to move out with the children he gave us no choice that was about three years ago..never visited with the children just on holidays maybe,I had told him he could see them when ever he wanted. I file for support over a year ago...after trying to come to an arangement that he wanted no part that dhs has been involed and served him with papers...he just now a week ago started to see them...and today my youngest came home and asked me about living with him..not that she wants to but wanted to know if I had ask him to take them...can he leagally do that...out of no where want custody?


Is there a legal age in Maine when a child can choose to live with one parent over the other regardless of the parent's opinion?


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heres one..Mother had custody in Massachusettes ( not forced by the court the agreement was reached by mother and father )..mother turned around about a year later and handed father the child in Maine. Mother has been neglectful,abusive,has no place of her own..but wont give Father neccesary paperwork for custody.Do I need to go to Mass to file or can I after a period of time file here in Maine .Son was born in Maine but Mother absconded after 1 year and has lived in Massachusettes for 3 years.Child is 4 and presently living with myself and family


This is BS, just had a judge go against a GAL, therapist, pysch evals, school progress, and having 50 50 custody during the interim period. This retired judge who heard the case definitely went out of his way to take away all my weekdays and give me 2 of every 3 weekends, when 50 50 was working out, the children were adopted, boy and girl, 4 and 5 yrs old, and now have had a major reduction in custody. Judge clearly went with the fact that she so called "works" from home (despite traveling overnights 2 days a week), despite her cheating, he had a clear bias that the kids belong with their mother. I need help as I thought this was a fair state, and I thought that what was in the best interest for the kids came from the GAL, and, equal exposure to both parents. The legal system now sickens me, it is my first interaction with court, ever, all of my professional and driving licenses have never been in bad standing, no alcohol, drugs, abuse, etc... NO NOTHING!! but a judge can do whatever he wants to do. Advice for hiring a judge to referee the case outside of court? DONT DO IT IF YOU ARE A MALE!!!!!


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Is there a permissible age in Maine when a kid can decide to live with one father over the other regardless of the parent's opinion?

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